We help business owners get what they want out of their businesses. We do that by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® into their businesses. It is a complete system of simple tools that achieve three things we call Vision, Traction® and Healthy.

When you started your business, you had a vision of success. Unfortunately, many business owners never realize that vision.
Are your revenues and profits less than you expected?
Are you experiencing problems with your employees?
Have you hit a wall or does it seem that nothing is working at all?

If you’ve had enough of your current situation and want to learn what EOS® can do for you, contact us now.

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  • “Rick is simply an outstanding business coach with depth of knowledge, experience, and tools coupled with authenticity and genuine care for the clients he serves.”  
  • Rick is a very gifted organizational leader, apart from being a life-long musician, and gentle but results-driven senior manager. He has an acute sense of organizational dynamics, he is able to relate to a wide range of workers with diverse talents.. Over a wide-ranging career, he has shown the unerring ability to gain commitment and he is a masterful driver of change.
    JB Kassarjian Professor of Management at Babson College and Management Consulting Consultant
  • “Using EOS, Rick has the ability to help leadership teams quickly pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a business and get right to the appropriate course of action. In our case, it was a need for right-sizing our facilities and client base to maximize profitability. As a result of following his coaching, our profitability grew by 400% and we are now positioned for long term stability”.  Caleb Chapman - Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse
    Caleb Chapman
  • Dear Rick, I  would like to express my gratitude for your  consultation and insight these past 6 months.  Sharing your vast experience in the  music industry is truly appreciated and your input has helped us identify areas of opportunity for West Music.  Important steps were made  toward the transition to another generation and your input has been extremely helpful in identifying skill sets and a vision that will be needed for the future.  Going forward we will continue to identify people that will help West Music to the next level.  I am eternally grateful to have this opportunity to work together. Thank you for your help and for being a friend these many years.
    Best regards, Steve West, Chairman West Music Company
  • Rick served as President of the D’Addario company and was a great mentor for me during my time there.  He’s a very bright and engaging business leader with an absolutely fascinating personality and professional experiences. Rob Polan - Product Manager Steinway & Sons
    Robert Polan, Brand Manager
  • Rick has been a confidant and an advisor to me at several pivotal points in my career.  In every case he has shown wisdom, excellent listening skills and incisive analysis. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone looking for a business coach or an advisor.
    Paul Sigel, Co-Founder, Hudson Music LLC


Introducing The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Discover the complete system that provides a set of real world, practical tools that help you solve the frustrations facing your business and start heading in the right direction.


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Start getting what you want from your business.

  • An organization that's crystal clear on your vision
  • A team that is disciplined and accountable in executing your vision
  • A company that is gaining consistent traction and advancing in your industry.